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Sydney Data Recovery provides a fast, efficient and very affordable data recovery service. With a transparent pricing policy, no hidden extras and highly experienced technicians, Sydney Data Recovery can be trusted to provide the best data recovery for your device.

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Our labs contain some of the most sophisticated equipment in Australia and we have a very high success rate. Understanding a little about your computer now could potentially save you considerable stress and anguish in the future. The sooner you are aware of a problem, the more likely we are able to achieve a positive data recovery.

The platters in your hard disk drive spin at thousands of RPM. Small components like dust particles and harsh movements can create irretrievable damage by damaging these precision manufactured platters. Try avoiding dropping or bumping your computer unnecessarily. If your laptop hard drive starts to fail, then shut the machine down. Call us on 1800 473 268 as soon as you can. We are here to help you and can offer the best options to recover your data.

How does the data recovery process work?

The first thing you need to know is that every data recovery project we take on follows a proven process. This process goes into everything we do and is backed by 15+ years of experience in a secure lab environment. With the many years experience of data recovery we have an exceptional record of success.

1. Choose your device.

From the links above, choose the device which you need the data recovered from.

2. Complete the form

Our form is designed to acquire enough information to start the process. If we require additional details we will contact you immediately.

3. Submit the form and pay the attempt fee

Payment is handled through a secure server. We will confirm your payment and send you details via email, of the next stage of the process.

4. Send us your device

Send your device to us for testing

5. We contact you

Once we have received your media device, we test for recovery and we will contact you with information on whether the drive requires repair or can be successfully recovered. If the drive can be recovered successfully you pay the remaining cost of recovery.

6. Completion of recovery

When our technicians have successfully finished the process of recovery, we load the data on to a suitable new device and send this back to you.

Our recovery attempt fee covers the cost of testing your media device in our laboratory.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to say thank you to all of the staff at Sydney Data Recovery for making an effort to repair our terabyte hard drive. It was very unfortunate when my hard drive had crashed and I was worried that we would lose everything from my child’s birth pictures to our holidays and everything. We were worried about where to go and I was recommended to your company by searching the internet. We are greatful to you for everything you have done and recovering all of our precious data”

Aaron Kilpatrick

“Thank you for the very professional recovery of the data contained on our failed hard drive. The continual contact to keep me informed of progress was greatly appreciated. You recovered all of the lost data that was a concern to us. I would be ready to recommend your services to anyone suffering a similar catastrophy. Thank you very much.”

Dr Michael J Brown

“Thank you very much for your help. You guys are the best in Data Recovery because others tried to recover my data but each time I was told that data recovery was impossible and that my hard drive data was destroyed. I was told that not even the FBI could recover it! I cried and nearly gave up hope and was about to chuck my hard drive in the bin when a friend told me i should try a big company like Sydney Data Recovery and luckily I did because you guys made the impossible POSSIBLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!…….WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!”

Salah Jawad

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