How to pack your laptop or computer

If you need to, or prefer to send your laptop or computer with the hard drive still installed please ensure that you wrap in bubble wrap and put enough packing around the computer and in the box to protect the laptop/computer from moving around freely. Vibration and impacts may further damage the hard drive.

1. Packing your laptop

Lay the laptop or computer on a sheet of bubblewrap

2. Packing your laptop

Fold the bubblewrap over the laptop.

3. Packing your laptop

Once sufficiently wrapped, use good quality 50mm wide tape to hold the bubblewrap firmly in place.

4. Packing your laptop

Roll up bubblewrap to create a cushion around the computer or laptop.

5. Packing your laptop

Choose a sturdy cardboard box to transport the computer or laptop.

6. Packing your laptop

Place the bubblewrap cushion in the box before the computer or laptop to protect the end.

7. Packing your laptop

Place the bubblewrap cushion over and around the computer or laptop to protect from vibration.

8. Packing your laptop or computer

After wrapping the laptop or computer, cut the box down the corners to enable you to fold in the cardboard.

9. Packing your laptop or computer

Make sure you pack out the edges to stop the computer moving inside the box.

10. Packing your laptop or computer

Packing around the edges of the computer gives the device more protection in transit to our lab.

11. Packing your laptop or computer

Finish off packing by filling small areas with bubblewrap and then fold over the edges of the cardboard and seal with good quality packing tape.