Who are Sydney Data Recovery

For more than a decade, Sydney data recovery has been helping businesses and individuals recover data from all media types and operating systems.

Unlike most data recovery companies you might encounter, our engineers work in a dust & particle free clean room and analyse your hard drive at the hexadecimal level.
What this simply means is that we are able to go deeper than most companies and recover data from almost any type of failure (human error or physical damage).

More importantly, we use our own proprietary tools and techniques to ensure the integrity of both your media and your data is maintained. We do not use off the shelf software that can often cause more harm than good in the wrong hands. Overall, data recovery is all we have been doing for more than a decade and we do it well. If you are suffering from a data loss disaster and are in need of a quick and affordable solution, give us a call today. One of our data recovery engineers are standing by and will happily walk you through our step by step process in a friendly manner.

Welcome to Sydney Data Recovery. We look forward to working with you.

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